Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello eberybody, I have been away from my blog and London, as I was exhibiting at the F&F event back in sunny Gran Canaria, which was amazing and I will tell you all about soon; but for now I wanted to let you know about my first ever Christmas catalogue. It has been done in a bit of a rush, as too many events and things have been happening in the last few months. Piero and I took the photos before I left, and as usual at home, with a very small budget and less time, but I think we managed to get some nice shoots. I have just finished the layout and uploaded it. I am lucky that I am a graphic designer so I can put things together and control chocolatecreative image and branding as I go, but I would love to have some help on this and so many other aspects of the business...
I wanted to create a little gifts and wrapping ideas guide, based around chocolatecreative products. I did enjoy the process, and I hope to have more time and budget to produce something much bigger and better for next year, there is always room for improvement! 
                                    Photos Piero Pierini | Styling Margarita Lorenzo

I have always loved Christmas, the decoration, wrapping presents, gathering with my family, and meeting with all my friends, not so much feeling bloated and tired after eating like a hungry cow haha…I hope you enjoy it, and find some early inspiration for your Christmas preparations. Think simple but effective gift wrapping, DIY decorating, handmade gifts, etc…enjoy the process. I think it is a beautiful time of the year to get together and prepare for the celebrations ahead. 

Nice weekend to all from Missi (the cat) and I!


  1. Todo me parece maravilloso, y ese packaging con las fotos de paisaje en byn te lo copio para mis regalitos esta navidad.... seguro!

  2. Gracias chicas, lo he hecho con mucho amor y muy poco tiempo, sera mas bonito la proxima vez!