Wednesday, 11 March 2015


If I had more than 1 house, I will decorate them quite differently, I will keep some elements the same, but I will try different pieces and styles. I treat my house as a playground for my interior ideas, testing and trying furniture, colours, etc...every time my friends come around, they spend a good few minutes wondering what I have changed since they last were here. I move furniture around, paint the walls, add new cushions or vintage pieces, etc... Las week, I was invited to a press event organsied by Houzz and hosted at HQ in Chelsea. I always laugh (I rather laugh than cry) at the fact that depending on where you are in London, views on life, people's behaviours/manners, income, styles, etc...can vary so much from place to place, people who knows London well will know what I am talking about. Get the train form Peckham to Chelsea, (a 30m ride) and you will see what I mean, needless to say I am a Peckham girl!!
For me, there are a few essentials pieces in a house, a good big comfy bed, a decent good sofa, and a big steady dining table. The aim now is to achieve a decent budget to go on the hunt for these perfect pieces. One of my favourite shops to look for a sofa is, I like their quality, style and variety of designs and fabrics to choose from, I particularly like their latest collaboration with independent brand Thornback and Peel, the end result is quirky and fun. I would choose a more classic style for my house in London, and a more modern modular one for the house in Gran Canaria, (remember this is me day dreaming! I am allow, yeah!) I leave you with plenty of inspiration, choose from a neutral grey in linen, or a more pattern based design, there are so many to choose from!
In love with this cosy bedroom and bed
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Choices and more choices…I have started looking for a new dining table, as I am rearranging things at home, and I am going a bit crazy as I can't make a decision on which style to go for. The piece would be decided by budget, (quite reduced, almost none existing right now), and yes I know, all the ones I like are quite above my initial budget, but I rather wait, save and get what I really want. 

I am in two minds, I like the vintage look, I LOVE second hand pieces, wood that shows the past of time, etc…but as my mother alway says, "Marga, you got too many old things in your house"…I hope she is not referring to me!! and at the same time I would like to start getting more new contemporary pieces and mix them with my old ones. The search for that perfect table has started and I am even more confused, so many gorgeous pieces, by amazing brands, and makers. 

I don't spend much on clothes, but I do buy things for my home, I love furniture, specially chairs, lamps, and home-wares in general, so I never feel guilty when buying for the house. 
What is your favourite style? suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Links to all the vintage style photos and for more inspiration, see my pinterest board.  

Friday, 16 January 2015


Hello everybody, I hope you are all somehow getting back to work ok. I find January to be the hardest month of the year, specially after being in Gran Canaria for the past 3 weeks, but since my choice continues to be 'London', I should not complain much, but get on with work. Gassy and I are alway thinking of new products to add to the range he makes/I design, good team we make!! The NEW square/rectangular hooks and knobs are now available at my shop. They are perfect for mixing colours and shapes, use them to display your kitchenware, tea towels or vintage pots in a creative way. They are handmade by Gassy and his brother in their small studio back in Gran Canaria. We work alongside architects and interior designers, creating bespoke solutions to meet their commercial and residential project’s specifications, so if you have a request about a bespoke colours and size, please get in touch.
See the colour chart below, with all the colours we have in stock. Sometimes they sell very fast, but we make stock as we go. For sizes and materials information, please visit the shop
The colourful hooks provide a practical stylish storage solution for your clothes, hats, scarfs and bags. Be creative, they are perfect for adding some extra storage, specially in small places.
Photos by Piero Pierini

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas – Feliz navidad

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad, thanks for being there, for supporting my small business and being part of this amazing creative world we live in. We are a very small team @chocolatecreative, Marga (myself), Gassy (the wooden products maker and friend), Boni (my so talented and lovely mother), and Missi (the cat, who is always there keeping me company). A BIG THANKS to my network of suppliers, who I closely work with, and o all the customers that have purchased my work, each sale represents the world to me. And last but not least, sending warm energy to all my dear friends, who keep supporting me in my little venture!

Monday, 3 November 2014


Hello November, I hope you are as gentle to us as October has been. We are all fully aware of the weather, suffering drastic changes around the globe, and that this, represent one of the greatest threats to our planet and its population. I don't know what the future holds for our amazing planet, (I hope we all work very hard to protect it), but all I know is that I can't live without the SUN. I don't mind being cold, but not seeing the sun affects me very very much. Since last Sunday, (when the clock changed), my body and brain are not the same…after so many years in London and it still gets me, even more and more...
Last Friday I took the day off and I went to see the deers at Richmond park, I have been many times in the area, (one of my favourites in London), but never actually made it to the actual park, I know, ridiculous eh? specially since I knew that the deers live there. We had a warm and sunny day in London, just the perfect temperature to walk in the park, I felt relaxed and blessed to be able to see this amazing creatures so close and in such a beautiful landscape. A day to remember…great company, great views, great weather, and a great experience.
Have a good week to everybody!
Photos by me

Thursday, 30 October 2014


I guess one of the reasons why I am still living in London, despite having to pay so much money for housing, transport, bills, etc…is the fact that I can visit shops such as Mint, and attend interesting exhibitions and events, pretty much all year around. Last September, as part of the London Design Festival, Mint's team curated a show called "Elements of Craft", possibly one of the best I have seen so far in the shop, and focusing on the influence of craft in design. Where else could you see such a variety of work, coming from different designers, disciplines and countries, (oh yeah apart of the trade shows and many showrooms gathered around the city), but the space is so beautiful in itself, that makes the whole experience very special.
Lina Kanafani has got a very well trained eye when it comes to spotting new emerging designers, and putting together pieces that otherwise would look uneasy, such a mix of materials, shapes and colours, my breath was taken away by it all. I really enjoyed the work, the clever and innovative use of materials thrown in together, to produce unique pieces, oh yeah sure they cost a fortune, but that is what you pay for a handmade piece of work!!!
As my mother always says, how can you have such an expensive taste coming from such a modest background, and I always say to her, mama, appreciation for beauty and talent doesn't come from money it comes from the heart!!
Photos by Inge Clemente and me

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


When possible I like going into town to check my favourites shops, being, Liberty, one of them,  I learn a lot from how they style and presents their products. The furniture and homeware floor is heaven…I like how they mix the pieces and the colour themes they choose. Last time I was there I got a very nice surprise as I found my cushions in very good company. I love the rooms they have created, with a variety of old and new, different tones of blues and textures, linen, velvets, woods and graphics. The english Romantic collection feels like home in Liberty, and It makes me very happy to see my products in the store, it means a lot to me!!

Below the latest press featuring the English Romantic collection
The Telegraph, Living Etc, and Chloe magazines. 
Photos by me

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Our Summer and warm long days are gone and it seems that the new season has arrived. I am very grateful for this year's long gentle Summer, that has brought us so many gorgeous sunny days. I have been taken trips to different part of the city, walking miles and exploring my local area more and more. London is a busy city, full of life and people, and as such, it can be quite overwhelming at times, so I tend to scape to the many amazing parks that we have in the big smoke.
My local park, Peckham Rye, with its own wild life and trees, and one of my local pubs, just around the corner from me, long walks after work, and entertaining conversations with friends...
Nunhead cemetery, the local pride, I love getting lost in there, although I find it a bit spooky, 
have you been? 
Dulwich park, simply stunning, and surrounding by amazing architecture, if I only had the money...
This is the most beautiful house (above), in Bushey Hill Road, Camberwell,  
where I lived for many years.
Regent's park, possibly the most beautiful park in London, so graceful, peaceful, and multicultural...
Limehouse and the riverside, I dont tend to go to this part of the city that often, but since I met (someone very nice who happen to work around there), I am getting to know it better. There are some nice and interesting hidden places yet to be discover...
Photos by me
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