Gosto design & lifestyle shop

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I could easily spend big part of my time visiting design, antique, lifestyle, second hand, you name it, shops. In the past I have looked for premises around where I live to open my own shop, where to sell my handmade products alongside other gorgeous treats, together with restored furniture mixed with new pieces by independent designers, next to a organic cafe, with homemade cakes and a studio where to work. Maybe one day I will come across the perfect space whether, it is back in Gran Canaria or here in London, I will see... Gosto is a perfect example of a well designed shop that stock a balance selection of established brands and beautiful products from new designers. The shop is run by Sonia and is located in a town called Blaricum just outside Amsterdam, I think I will be a regular if I was near by, the shop blog is a treat for decor and products ideas, one of my favorites is the red version of the E25-socket lamp rood by Muuto. Do you have a favorite shop/shops where you live?

(images gosto shop)

Human Nature Series by Debbie Carlos

Have I ever said in this blog that I am obsess with deer/stags/ciervos images? I think I am –looking for some images for inspiration I came across the fantastic work of photographer Debbie Carlos, I am most taken by these images of her project called 'Human nature', that she took of animals being displayed at Museums. Come on, we all do take photos of this creatures when going to Museums, (I certainly do), but clearly mine has never looked this good. Somehow she has made them look as if they were still alive and she was witnessing them in their real natural environment, totally love her big format posters available at her etsy shop.

(Photos by Debbie Carlos)

Interesting work spaces by Nicole Bachmann

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

There is something about people's work spaces that really intrigue me, normally full of personal and inspiring things, messy and simple at the same time. My studio, is in my house, it is where I tend to spend 80% of my time, sometimes it feels suffocating due to the amount of work or time spent in the same room, but equally satisfying and inspiring. I really like these photos by photographer Nicole Bachmann, she has managed to capture the daily routine of work, rooms that has not being stylish or made up to look certain way, just empty spaces waiting to be used by their creative owners. Great portfolio in her site.
(Photos by Nicole Bachmann)

Gingham staircase, how cool is that!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Loving this project form Design studio Design Bitches, gingham fabric look alike staircase, I may have to do the same at home. Check their site, it is full of fun projects, plus I totally agree with their work philosophy – Design, Bitches accept responsibility for our environment and our relationship to society, we strive for the biodegradable.

Gorgeous wallpaper by Daniel Heath

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Looking for a very special an unique wallpaper?? well I have found my pick, totally love this blue birds design, or the circus theme?, possibly for my bedroom, in fact I want it all, the paper, the lamp and the chair please!! from London based designer Daniel Heath. Check his website for ideas of how to use the wallpaper and info about his projects.

NEW shop in town: Phoenix on Golborne

There is nothing that I enjoy more than stepping in a a well curated and stocked shop, selling gorgeous restored furniture, antiques, vintage, etc...well, apart of course, than delicious tea, cakes, the SUN, the beach, my cat, and a long etc...but for the time being I am going to stay with this NEW shop, Phoenix on Golborne, which just opened in the Notting Hill area. Nice and tempting isn't??

Favorite cafe and shops in Old Spitalfields market

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spitalfields market in London, has changed considerably over the years, not in a good way if you ask me. It used to be more authentic, and unique, but since they revamped the market it has lost quite a lot of the old feel to it, and many gorgeous independent shops have moved away to cheaper areas. Nevertheless some shops still remind the same and are the real treat of the area, together with the many stalls selling handmade, vintage, yummy food, etc...when visiting the area, I really recommend getting lost in the narrow streets surrounding the main market and Brick Lane, to really see and feel some of the real old market and houses. Did I say I love old England?

My favorite cafe opposite the market, always very busy on a Sunday, they do a yummy tea time selection and great coffee. I love resting there when visiting the market, it feels like being in old England.

chocolate creative prints in Madrid

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Gracias for the photos Mireia, an interior designer based in Madrid, who bought the deer cameo and chair prints to go in her new interiors studio in the capital, all the best with your new project and looking forward seeing the photos of the new studio!!

LOVE letters give away

Monday, 13 June 2011

Fancy some LOVE in the form of this gorgeous wooden letters?? My friend from la casita de Margaux is doing the following give away: All you have to do is head over her facebook page, leave a comment with your name and email, and the comment "Love is in the air" in the entry, plus a like, plus make a mention in your blog, twitter or facebook. The deadline is the 25th of June, she will announce the winner on the 30th, more info at her blog. Good luck to all, I hope to win so I can bring home this lovely letters as a lucky charm so when my boyfriend from Spain come to visit and see them, realise that his love and place are in London and finally decide to come and join me here haha...

NEW Nightwood shop opening

I am a big fan of Nightwood furniture and products, this people never stop surprising me with their work, which I find very creative and down to earth, I love this side table so much!! They have big news, they have just opened a shop in Brooklyn, where their studio is based, so if you are around visit their site for events and collaborations, or pop around, I wish I could, I guess I have to wait until I do my ever first trip to the States!!
Congratulations Myriah and nadia and all the best for the shop!

BLOGNIC: Meeting other bloggers

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fancy meeting other bloggers in London? Lynne and Ellie have organised this up coming bloggers event on the 10th of July at Regent park, register here. I am hoping for some sunshine and lot of chatting with some of you, I love meeting new people and sharing our experiences on blogging, design, craft, business etc...So see you there!!

NEW lavender sachets and organic cotton gift bag

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A nice and peaceful Saturday evening in South London, mum (who is visiting for a few weeks), is helping with the sewing and I am here working in my shop. It has been a funny rainy/sunny kind of a day. We ate a nice risotto in the garden and had a lovely coffee and cake indoors... glad my mother is around helping with my work, she is amazing and a great member of the team when it comes to developing new products, I wish we lived closer so I could enjoy her company more often...
Piero took these photos of the NEW lavender sachets and organic cotton bags yesterday, so I am glad I can finally upload them in the shop. They are made of natural linens and filled with fresh lavender. They come in a reusable organic cotton bag and make perfect gifts.
WEll, off to have some rest, and wishing you a restful and nice weekend!

(Photos by Piero Pierini)

£40 OFFER on the deer cameo cushions

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The deer cameo cushions have been out of stock for quite sometimes, I know that some of you have been waiting ages for them, so apologises for the delay, I was waiting for the fabric to arrive, and it is finally here!! It is a mix of hemp and organic cotton in a creamy color, soft and nice to work with. I have been trying different colors and fabric combination, and have made these 3 cushions to test colors and fabrics. They are 37cm each and have the back in cream plain color, since they are unique and only have 1 unit of each, I will be selling them for £40 each.
I hope to get on with the new sizes and color soon, specially since I have heard that habitat is going big on the Victorian cameos look, I better hurry up before they launch their own collection!!! Will keep you posted on the new cushions!!

Fantastic locations in the X-men: First Class the movie

OMG I so much enjoyed watching the new movie X-men: First Class last night. I am a fan of well done action movies, the ones that leaves you stick to your seat for the whole duration of the film, and this one is one of them. They have, as well, done a really good job on the locations, interiors, styling etc...I could even spot the Tom Dixon lamps, cushions from Sanderson and one of my favorites desk lamps that they have used in their styling. Most of the locations were filmed in England and the action takes place on 1960s-style sets, conceived by production designer Chris Seagers. Below are some snaps of the constructed interiors, one of my favorites has to be the transformation of the Australia House, a 1918 London landmark, into the Kremlin's war room. I really recommend the movie if you enjoy action, done on James Bond style with amazing interiors and styling. The movie is a visual master piece!

Lets not forget the gorgeous men in the movie...

First Spanish press cuttings for chocolate creative

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

It makes me very happy to see my products being featured in the press, specially if it in Spanish publications, as the brand is known in England, Europe and States, but not so much in Spain, so thanks to AD and micasa for showing my products in their June editions. You have made a happy woman!!

AD has my LOVE tea towel in their Kitchen special, and micasa features a couple of my cushions from the Decayed Glamour collection, in their what is currently new at hot section.

Perfect space and sense of style

Sometimes when I see places such as this, I start dreaming about my perfect house back in Gran Canaria, being able to buy an old flat or house in the old part of the city, with plenty of light and space, and decorate it with furniture and objects from all over the world, specially, from my dear England, trips to France. Germany, the Netherlands, the States, far Asia and South America, you see this is all in my dreams...but somehow this day dreaming make me keep going and work even harder in this very tough times to achieve my goals and never never give up, unless of course I stop feeling this passion and love for what I do.
These images are from the owner's house of the Dimorestudio, who opened its doors for Yatzer magazine. I really admire their style, almost not following any rules, I guess just based on their love for certain objets, furniture, respect for the space and and their immense sense of style, PERFECT!
(Images from Dimorestudio)