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Monday, 6 July 2015

It has been a while since I last posted in here, back in April. I have been a bit slow in coming up with new designs and updating the website, marketing etc…but now that I have gained some more energy, I am hoping to get back on track and push my little business with the same passion and commitment that I used to have.

A few weeks ago, Piero (the photographer) and I got together to shoot some photos of the new products. I was hoping to work on a location space, but as it turned out, we did it at my house, meaning, reduced space, a good decent floor, (my house has an ugly laminated floor), and other lack of resources.
As a small independent designer I can only work/launch a small number of products per season. If I only told you how much work, resources and money are involved in doing so…you will understand. 

So the NEW products are all hand-made in Spain, by a small team of two brothers Gassy and Artemi. I design and work closely with Gassy on developing my ideas that later on they will produce and ship to London and all over the world. The result is a small production that is sustainable and quite unique. The NEW wall shelves, paper clip magnets and wall hooks are now available in my shop online. For the gorgeous knit knit grey duvet cover, please head over to Room 39 website, as well as for the small town cushion from Roddy & Ginger for prices and stock.

Wooden pencil holder £32 | Landscape lampshade £65 | Knit Knit duvet by Room 39 from £24 
Moon wall hook £16 | Small town cushion by Roddy & Ginger £35 
Cat paper clip magnet £18 | Wall shelves £22 | Wall hooks £15/£16

I styled a Black & White theme for this children’s room idea. You can create this eclectic look by mixing different patterns, and furniture pieces, like the ercol side table with the more vintage children’s chair. You can unify the style by reducing the colour palette to the same tones, in this case neutrals and the use of wood to add some warmth to an otherwise rather cold and minimalist look.

When it comes to my home, I follow my heart, I don’t do rules, only what feels right for me and my space, the above are only suggestions based on my personal taste. I believe that there is not right or wrong when it comes to decorating your own personal space!!
Photos by Piero Pierini | Styling Margarita Lorenzo | Props Roddy & Ginger

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