Thursday 23 April 2015

At chocolate creative, we work alongside some very nice architect and design/interior firms. Over the years, we have created some bespoke orders for various nurseries, schools, hotels, and have worked closely with clients to make on demand colours and sizes wooden knobs for their kitchens.
We will be soon launching a wider bespoke service. I am developing together with Gassy some very nice big format wooden handles and knobs, to be used in wardrobes, fitted cabinets, etc…One of my favourites firms to work with is the creative studio, Nochintz, up in Manchester. They have been using our wooden wall hooks and knobs for different projects. I like their approach to design, using and supporting UK based independent designers/makers and keeping their interiors fresh, contemporary and functional.
Their portfolio is diverse and impressive, here are some images of the work they did for the Natural retreats company and a recent Hotel exhibition in London, on both you can see chocolate creative wall hooks being used in a very practical and creative way.
Photos supplied by NoChintz

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