Wednesday 13 August 2014

Despite being sunny in London, (well it can rain anytime, I can spot the grey dense clouds from my window), I am in the mood for some mysterious English romance stories, Jane Eyre is one of my favourites novelists. I love the Victorian aesthetic, the drama and passion, the English landscapes and nature. I have been doing lots of walks through woodlands and forests in London and near by, these places have an energy difficult to resists, and are a great source of inspiration, it is in this themes that I have based my English romantic collection, (new designs coming soon). 

You can create some of this romanticism in your interiors, by adding some vintage paintings, old linens, plenty of wild flowers, pieces of furniture with character and some accessories such as cushions, hooks, knobs, bed panels, with interesting patterns and colours, don't be afraid of mixing colours, patterns and styles, create your very personal style, it is your home after all!
Photos by Piero Pierini | me | John Cullen | Melanie Molesworth | rest I can't find the credits

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