Telling stories with Sian Zeng's range of wallpapers

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Before flying to Gran canaria, I had the great opportunity of working with designer and friend Sian Zeng, and photographer Richard Clatworthy, in these photos for her new range of wallpapers. She asked me to help with the styling of the photos, and I must confess that I was a bit nervous as I am used to style my own work and photoshoots, but has never done it for some else, or work with another photographer apart of Piero, but I enjoyed every minute of it, sourcing the furniture, the props, the dress, and overall being part of it.

I met Sian three years ago at her degree show at Central San Martin, and have been friends since them, I love her work and sense of story telling through her drawings and collections, my favorite are the magnetic wallpaper collection, it is like a fairy tale, full of magical characters, and beautiful drawings, my picks has to be the flying pig, the hedgehog, and the mystery houses.

I am thinking of getting the blue version for my bedroom, they come as normal wallpaper or as magnetic, and your choice of magnets.
The little girl was so good to work with, we played fun games while working together.
The hedgehog was a bit spooky, I dropped him once, as I was holding him, stuffed animals are not my specialty, but must admit he grew on me, and got to like him at the end.
The magnets are the cutest thing, they complement the wallpapers to perfection, 
you can even write small messages on them and combine to make up your own story.
My white chair and vases together with some old pieces 
we borrowed from a soft furnishing business.

Photos: Wallpapers Sian Zeng, Photos Richard Clatworthy, styling Margarita Lorenzo