My blue porcelain collection keeps growing...

Sunday 8 April 2012

It must have been 3 years ago when I first fell in love with this blue china style, don't ask me what style, or maker they are from. I don't have a great knowledge of antiques, I just buy what I like and find interesting, obviously I don't make a good collector. I know some of these are very very old, and the patterns quite unique, so I must have not done so bad after all. I use them for styling and serving cakes and bread when people come around for dinners. The collection keeps growing, with tea and sugar pots that use to put my jewellery etc...When weather gets better I will start going to carboot sales and antique fairs in the look for more gorgeous pieces to bring home.

Do you collect, if so what is it? There is this new site called fyndesters, where you can upload photos of your collections and share them with the world, check it out, very easy and good fun to use.


  1. Blue patterned china is one of the loveliest vintage things going - those plates look so beautiful grouped together! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. I collect blue and white plates too, so does my mum ;)
    But since I became a letterpress printer wood type has become my obsession!
    Thanks for the link, have joined and what a great excuse to explore my collections and maybe time to get some out of storage ;)
    Jax x

  3. Thanks for the mention Margarita! We have some really cool, blue china plates too. I will post them on fyndesters for you to see.

  4. Hi Margarita, I am like you and collect vintage and antique china. I collect all types of china plates and also my weakness is tea sets if I can find complete ones and china cups! I scour round antique shops and boot fairs like you to find china collectibles. I use all of my china and plates especially the large plates as serving dishes at dinner as I like the thought of using them so they are still useful. I have many Victorian plates that are hand painted and are so exquisite. Thank you for sharing your lovely collection.