Wednesday 11 April 2012

Thanks for the comments about the logo design, here and in facebook, it does really helps a lot to see other people's choices and opinions. 

I am working toward the next trade show in June, Pulse, and are stopping some of the products to make room for new ones. I won't be launching many new things, just 4 new hooks and knobs designs, the butterfly cushion, and perhaps a new product Gassy and I are working together, there is only so much I can design/make at the same time I run the business. 

The prints have been doing very well, but has decided to stop the yellow version of the chesterfield and keep the black outline only. I print and make in small batches, I love screen printing, specially on paper, and now that the sun is out even more. There are only 10 units left of this one, if fancy follow this link to the shop and enter the discount code YELLOWCHESTERFIELD to get the disocounted price of £15.

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