Nice mention at Mollie Makes magazine

Thursday 12 April 2012

Have you heard of Mollie Makes? possibly the best craft magazine out here right now, well at least in the UK and to my knowledge. I must admit that craft magazines don't normally appeal to me, maybe because of their very dated design or content, so when I first saw Mollie I was smitten by it. It has a very contemporary design, beautiful layout and typography, gorgeous content, and in tune with what is currently happening in the design and craft world. It is an interesting mix of interiors, craft projects, vintage finds, designer's products, maker's profiles, etc...I been longing for a publication of this kind, so welcome Mollie, and I hope you are here to stay and support the amazing designers/makers/crafter community that is out there, Long life to Mollie! Get your subscription here or follow their adventures at their blog.

So imaging how happy I am to see the wooden hooks and knobs being featured in the latest issue of the magazine, out from tomorrow. The products are doing very well, Gassy and I have developed 4 new designs and a new colour to be launched at Pulse this June.

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  1. Congratulations on that mention!
    Your beautiful hangers deserve that!