Loving and living with cactus

Tuesday 27 March 2012

I am planing to plant more cactus in my house in London, and hope that they will survive the weather. I am not good with plants, for some reason they do not last much around me, even cactus, I guess I water them way too much? But I will keep trying...look at this amazing collection of cactus, they belong to Gassy's mother. She has a patio full of them, different kind, shapes, colours, etc...I was hoping to spend sometime drawing in there, but time did not allow for it, so I will draw from photos, not the same really.   I love cactus and are thinking of designing a pattern around them, lets see what I can come up with. 

Well see you in London, flying back tomorrow, I wish I was like one of those business people, who travel around and do not get sentimental or emotional, for some reason, each time it feels like a roller-coaster, what is going on? I feel privileged and lucky to have 2 homes in 2 amazing places, but somehow my mind and heart are very confused. Please, please, London weather be gentle to me....

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  1. La mayoría de las plantas que enseñas no son cactus, son crasas, es fácil confundirlas.... esa verde y morada es un verode, y desde luego no creo que se te de bien en Londres....