Decorating with green

Friday 23 March 2012

Slowly but surely I am falling for the colour green. For some reason I have been ignoring it for quite sometime, only a few cushions designs are printed in this colour so far, but I have started to incorporate more green into my designs, in fact the knobs/hooks would be available in this colour soon. Gassy's house is painted in a light green that I did not like at all when I first saw it, and suggested to paint the whole house back to white, but it is growing in me, and I a finding ways to decorate the interiors around this colour. 

This is the bedroom, again very simple, Ikea's bed and lamp, and of course some of my cushions haha...and a few of my old drawings, which were painted back at Uni, in fact they were done for my final year's project. I have started rescuing some of my old work, and I am very pleased to finally see them up and shining. When time allows I will go back to printmaking and my art.

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  1. Marga, no es que sea una pena que no pintes más a menudo y te dediques a otras artes (que otros llamarán menores, sin duda), pero es que de verdad que no deberías dejar de pintar... me encantan, de verdad de la buena.... me gusta muchísimo el primer cuadro.....