Mixing styles and objects

Saturday 12 February 2011

I don't follow trends when it comes to decorating my house, I guess blogs, magazines and books have a great influence on me as well as my traveling, and taste for rescuing old things. But really I don't plan in advance how I want things to look, or what style my bedroom would be, I just follow my feelings. I buy things because I love them not because I think they are going to match my sofa, or the overall aesthetic of the house, somehow all these things come together without me even thinking about it. These photos are a clear example, my ceramics from Brazil, vintage box and book shelve, a limited edition of a Wallpaper poster and the gorgeous ribbon lamp from habitat.


  1. You have great taste - love the ceramics, they remind me a bit of Anne Massler's work


  2. Es evidente, se nota cuando una estancia ha sido pensada al milímetro para ser la imagen que muestra, y otras que muestran de un modo cautivador la personalidad de su propietario. Has creado un rincón precioso.

  3. Hii Margarita!!!
    Ahora ya te seguimos! ;)

    Nos encanta el rollo "style and objets" y sobretodo las cerámicas de BRAZIL! =D

    Un beso gordo!
    Beatriz, Michelle, Vitória - Equipo Atelier Decor

  4. Happy V-day! xxx
    que descanses! :)