Thursday, 2 July 2009

No more blogging for today!! it is getting very hot in my office, the SUN is hitting my desk at the moment, I am melting...I can't believe it! all year waiting for the Summer and  I am nowcomplaining.  I rather be by the beach...even my cat is hot!! poor thing is resting in the shadow. I hope you are enjoining all this amazing designers posts, more to come soon...I am off to cool down and do a bit of Pilates.


  1. Hope it cooled down:) Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love your blog and shop!! xx

  2. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog, lots of shared interests here. And you're just around the corner from me in Brockley! I'm trying to get to the New Designers show tomorrow, but it's all a bit hectic at work at the moment, so I might try for the weekend. xx

  3. Hello there I know your blog, but didn't know you were so closed to me. I am trying to go to the show on Saturday...I am off to browse Wee Birdy...