Thursday 2 July 2009

I am so much looking forward to the TEXTILES ADVANCED WORKSHOP exhibition this year. It was at Morley where I learned all about textiles, and where I met wonderful friends and people, Kate and me met there, a long time ago…plus Hilary, Elaine, Kay, Sally, and so many others….The best thing at this courses are the teachers, Alex Mayer, Marian Lynch, Deborah Brown, etc… they are very supportive and have a great knowledge of the different printing, and dying techniques. It is a very nice environment where to learn and achieve your goals. The courses are attracting more and more people every year to the point where they have created extra workshops and short courses for Summer, (see their website for more information).

EXHIBITION DATES: 9 – 6 July 2009

So drop by the College Gallery:
Morley Gallery
61 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7HT

Opening times: M-F 11am – 6pm
Late Thursdays 7pm
Saturday 12pm – 4pm

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