More and more talent {AURELIA DUPAS}

Sunday 28 June 2009

Aurelia’s blankets were one of the first things I saw at the show, (BA Textile at San Martin…), I fall in love with them from the distance and the closer I got the more I liked them, so much detail, the fabric textures... She uses natural fabrics and dyes, hand stitching and silk screen print beautiful patterns!! Her collection is called Warmest Feelings Comfort blankets for adults.

In her words…Inspired by the personal attachment I developed towards my comfort blanket as a child and by the fact that it became crucial to my well-being and inherent to my emotional life, I designed and made a collection of bespoke hand-crafted comfort blankets for adults. Just like children, adults sometimes need reassurance so the blankets should bring to mind pleasant, comforting moments and reaffirm the identity of the owner. Print, as a medium, is used to convey happy moments of the owner’s life. Bearing in mind sustainability, the hand-printed blankets are made of natural fabrics and dyed using natural dyes.

I think it is a brilliant idea!! I do have my favorite blanket that my mother hand knitted for me and brought all the way from Spain to London!! I hope Aurelia gets to make tones of beautiful bespoke blankets for everybody and many more gorgeous creations!!!


  1. Love this!
    Thank you for visiting our degree show the other day!
    This is Mijae from chelsea college, print student who was inspired by Bricks! :)
    I love your blog as well, and here is my blog, and my works!!
    Keep in Touch :)


  2. Thanks MIjae,
    I will make a post about your work soon!! I am glad you like our blog!!!

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  4. Aurelia's work is brilliant! :) x