DIY revolution...

Thursday 4 June 2009

On my way back from Spain I got a copy of ELLE magazine, (I love my magazines, and when traveling apart of making sure I have my ticket, passport and luggage I always pack myself with a good selection of magazines, you see, Canary Island – where I come from – is 4 hours fly from London, so plenty of time for reading and browsing...) and for my surprise I found a article about DIY, it talks about craft making and going back to traditions and handmade things, such as knitting, I can't believe it!!! I have to say that in UK people are well aware of what contemporary craft means, but back in Spain, people have got this image of craft meaning a holiday gift traditionally made in the local area where you were staying!! So I am very glad to have found this article in one of the mainstream magazines featuring work of contemporary designers.


  1. Looks great! I have come across some lovely Spanish crafters via flickr.

  2. Hello,
    Really??? I am going to have a look see if I find any gems!!
    thanks for stopping by.