Bespoke handles – Loft renovation

Friday 30 September 2016

Loft conversion, door handles
One of my customers, Delyth has sent me these images of her fab recent loft conversion and house renovation, where she has used a range of bespoke handles and wooden knobs to finish the cupboard doors, in the loft and the bathrooms. She came across my range of bespoke handles when she was looking for door knobs and handles to finish her project.
I really like the useful storage solution in the loft, and how she has used the wooden handles to finish the white cupboards.
door bespoke wooden handles
Delyth has used the Bridge design in natural beech wood as door handles, we made them to meet her custom specification.
wooden knobs for cupboards
A selection of rectangular painted wooden knobs combined with natural square ones add and interesting design element to the bespoke bathroom cupboards.
wooden bathroom cupborad handles
The botanical print looking fab in her dining room.
wooden handles, wall hooks, coat pegs,
Continuing with the practical bespoke built in cupboards through out the house and final touches from chocolate creative handles and wall hooks range.

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