HELLO 2016

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Hello to all and welcome 2016. After a month spent back home, I am now back in London, working and trying to adapt to the current cold weather, a difficult task since I left behind 30c and my dear family. We normally have some Winter months back in the island, but this year has been very unusually warm, specially in the South of Gran Canaria, where I live.
I wanted to start this year's blog post with some photos I randomly took of Maspalomas, and the near by areas. I live very near of the coast, so this is where I spend most of my time, while staying over there. I will show photos of the capital, and North of the island in my next post. 

Some of these houses were built in the 60s when the tourist boom started in this part of the island. I love the simplicity of the square designs, the use of brick, wood and the palms and cactus. They are very different to what you will find in other areas of Gran Canaria, which tend to be more of colonial style. I still dream with owning one of them...
Photos by me

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  1. Wow, I'm trying to imgaine how hard it must be to say goodbye to views like this and adapt to high pace of life and the crowds there are in London after spending months in a place so tranquil as it does look like it is.