Thursday 6 August 2015

A while ago I entered a competition over at atmine, for the launch of their new monthly styling challenge called #StyleAtMine. atmine is a social platform, where people like you and I, can share photos of our homes and interiors ideas – I invite you to explore atmine, and become a member.
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In this occasion the theme was "bedroom" so I chose the photo above for my entry. Piero and I took this photo at my house. I live in a very simple and normal house, without any interesting features or nice wooden floors, etc…I have always treated the places where I have lived as a home, even when I was renting a room in a shared house, or even earlier when studying at Uni. My little rooms were always home to me, with small budgets I made them comfortable and cosy. So wining this prize makes me very happy, as it shows that you don't need a big expensive house and loads of money to create a personal and comfortable place where to live, entertain and be happy.
To my surprise I was notified last week that I was the winner of this competition, for someone who has hardly ever won anything, this came as a a very nice surprise, specially as it is my work that has been recognised and valued. Sara from the Me & Orla blog, was asked to pick up a winner, and the prize was a set of "lazy linen" from Loaf.
You can see more about the competition over at atmine blog, explore the inspiring world or Me & Orla and browse Loaf's beautiful range of products at their website.

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  1. Felicidades!!! Que gran noticia! Ahora a disfrutar del premio!!