Wednesday 25 February 2015

Choices and more choices…I have started looking for a new dining table, as I am rearranging things at home, and I am going a bit crazy as I can't make a decision on which style to go for. The piece would be decided by budget, (quite reduced, almost none existing right now), and yes I know, all the ones I like are quite above my initial budget, but I rather wait, save and get what I really want. 

I am in two minds, I like the vintage look, I LOVE second hand pieces, wood that shows the past of time, etc…but as my mother alway says, "Marga, you got too many old things in your house"…I hope she is not referring to me!! and at the same time I would like to start getting more new contemporary pieces and mix them with my old ones. The search for that perfect table has started and I am even more confused, so many gorgeous pieces, by amazing brands, and makers. 

I don't spend much on clothes, but I do buy things for my home, I love furniture, specially chairs, lamps, and home-wares in general, so I never feel guilty when buying for the house. 
What is your favourite style? suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Links to all the vintage style photos and for more inspiration, see my pinterest board.  

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