Monday, 3 November 2014

Hello November, I hope you are as gentle to us as October has been. We are all fully aware of the weather, suffering drastic changes around the globe, and that this, represent one of the greatest threats to our planet and its population. I don't know what the future holds for our amazing planet, (I hope we all work very hard to protect it), but all I know is that I can't live without the SUN. I don't mind being cold, but not seeing the sun affects me very very much. Since last Sunday, (when the clock changed), my body and brain are not the same…after so many years in London and it still gets me, even more and more...
Last Friday I took the day off and I went to see the deers at Richmond park, I have been many times in the area, (one of my favourites in London), but never actually made it to the actual park, I know, ridiculous eh? specially since I knew that the deers live there. We had a warm and sunny day in London, just the perfect temperature to walk in the park, I felt relaxed and blessed to be able to see this amazing creatures so close and in such a beautiful landscape. A day to remember…great company, great views, great weather, and a great experience.
Have a good week to everybody!
Photos by me


  1. Mira que yo estoy contenta con mis paseos campestres... pero es que los tuyos son para morirse, nena.....