B&W botanical prints, and greens, to create a relaxed and fresh look

Monday 7 July 2014

Table styling, linen tea towels, ceramics
I like the natural and fresh look that decorating with simple and yet beautiful objects can be achieved. My house is painted in white, with the exception of a wall in black (living room), and another in blue (bedroom). I am not into minimalism, that is for sure, but I have tendency towards neutral colours, wood and B&W. 

I have just finished a limited edition of hand printed art prints, soon available in my shop. I have been drawings for years and have a vast collection of botanical motifs, mainly cactus, and related plants. The process of hand printing is tiring and time consuming, but so rewarding and enjoyable at the same time.  

I find botanical motifs very versatile when it comes to decorating, they combined very well with other styles, such as geometrics, and more abstracts shapes. I leave you with this mood board of handmade, practical homewares from different designers/shops. Good productive Monday!
wall art, geometric cushion, lamp

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  1. Me encanta Marga!!! Estoy deseando verlos en la tienda y también estoy deseando verte a ti. Espero que estés planeando ya una escapada a tu isla para vernos. Besos.