Sunday 13 July 2014

I am constantly changing the decor in my house, but I don't throw away things, as I am against the disposable consumerism idea of anything, specially when it comes to decorating a home). I instead, rearrange the furniture, move it to a different room, give it a different use, or give it to a friend who may need it. What I like is adding new pieces that complement my exciting ones, and I do it with colour. My house is pretty neutral, but has drops of colour, in the form of cushions, prints, kitchenware, knobs, hooks etc...It helps that I am a home-ware designer, so every time I launch a new product I add it to my home, plus I can't help it but I absolutely LOVE interiors, decorating, houses, products, design, you name it....
Here are some ideas to incorporate some colour into your house, beautiful pieces to create a relaxed and easy space. I am into fluro colours and natural wood right now, and of course black and white!
Family house in Amsterdam via remodelista

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