Friday, 5 July 2013

Well, it is Friday again, and I don't have a clue where my week has gone...oh yes, working, and working and painting the house, I started with the bathroom and I am now doing the corridor and rest of the house, making it pretty as my sister is coming from Germany to spend the weekend with my mum and me. I am super happy as we don't get the chance of being together very often, so YES delighted to have them with me. 

I leave you with Irene's new wear line and photos of her current house. I am sure you recognise her work. Irene runs the gorgeous Bloesem blogs and has recently launched her online shop, selling this beautiful pieces, I have highlighted my fav designs, love the simplicity and delicate colours.
I spotted her house over at the sfgirlbybay blog, where she was guest blogging and I couldn't resist to show some snaps of her space in here, beautiful eh? it has inspired me to paint the house back to white.
Nice weekend, it will be very sunny in London, off I am to continue painting and cleaning...

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