Wednesday 12 June 2013

Hola from sunny Gran Canaria, where I currently staying, working and enjoying the sunshine, family,  friends and landscape. I haven't been on the beach yet, hopefully after lunch I will have some time to go for a long walk and get a bit of tan... While back here, I try to visit and see as many people as I can. Yesterday I spent the day at the capital, Las Palmas, with Lucia, and later on went off to Elena and Alvaro's (from Hados), gorgeous house up in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, Tafira. We were talking about our businesses, future plans, creative work, and life in general. I totally fall in love with their house, surroundings and art. They both are artists on their own right, and as a duo work under the Hado's brand, (see more of their work in this previous post).
Some snaps of their home and paintings by Elena. I love her work, and style, the house is filled with colour and simple pieces that makes the space feels cosy and welcoming.
Above, a painting by Alvaro, and some more snaps of the exterior of the house and garden area. Great mix of old wood doors, combined with some neon/fluro touches. Thanks Elena and Alvaro for having me, and giving me the opportunity to visit the area and see the paintings.


  1. Precioso! se siente el espacio de dos artistas ,está muy bien reflejado.
    Gracias por tu colaboración y pasar un rato tan agradable.


  2. No la he visitado nunca pero sin duda refleja el espíritu de sus dueños. Qué bien tenerte cerquita, Marga.