Wednesday 29 May 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit some artists/designers houses, as part of the Dulwhich Festival, and since Lisa Levis recently moved to the area, I thought it would be great to meet her and see her new range of work and home. I have always admired her work and career progression. I remember meeting her at her RCA final year show, and since them have seen her former business grow to become a very recognisable English lifestyle brand. 
I knew her house was going to be a reflection of her work and aesthetics, and it didn't disappointed me. I Love her sense of style, a good mix of different vintage pieces and periods, nothing fancy, but simple, affordable and easy to live with. Her house is a clear example of how to create a cosy, personal and gorgeous home without spending a fortune on super expensive over priced mid century pieces (I wish I could afford them anyway), and how having an eye helps to see the potential in pieces that other people will discard straight away. That wallpaper is incredible!

I love London, for the countless places and shops where you can find cheap and still amazing pieces, a very difficult task back in Gran Canaria, where your options are Ikea, a big store, super expensive shops or super tacky horrible ones, there is not this sense or desire to look back for inspiration, most of the people's  houses I know are filled with new soulless furniture and luck that sense of uniqueness that comes when you stamp your own style.
I loved to see her new fashion range Ada Rose on displayed, and meeting her and her business colleague. Lisa is lovely and super friendly, we got chatting in her kitchen about her former business and experiences, and how the new brands came to life.

Below are a selection of my favourite bag, purse and scarf, all very grown up, pretty and sophisticated. Top quality materials and designs, check her online shop and blog, to find out more about the products, the story behind them and about Lisa, a super top designer that will keep inspiring all for a long time, a pleasure to meet you Lisa.

Photos by me and a selection from her shop, blog and sketches

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