Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hola, nice weekend? I am back from spending the last three days, not working much and instead socialising like crazy. It was the Dulwich Festival over the weekend, and I visited Pulse yesterday, as some of my friends are exhibiting, (I will post a little review of the show in the next few days). I talk a lot, specially if I am passionate and interested in a subject, so that is what I did, talk and more talk, eat and have fun.
I met with Kate and Lynne on Sunday to do a little exploring of the festival. We started at Simon March's (pictured above) shop, Colours makes people happy. I have known him for a long time, so it is very nice to pop around his shop now and again, to see what he is up to. Simon is such a creative person, full of ideas and skills to put them in place.
His is passionated about colour and has got a great deal of knowledge about paints. Need some advice on what colour to use or some interior advice? He will be happy to help.

Simon's kitchen is as colourful as the rest of the shop. He collects dutch ceramics, home-wares, food packaging, etc...all so cute, I always leave his shop feeling inspired, specially by colour. Next time you are South East of the river, I strongly recommend you to pay him a visit, you will find wall paint, quirky lighting, cushions, paint brushes, wall art, and a long etc...of beautiful objects.
Photos by me 

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