Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I am back from a busy week and a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. I am at the production stage right now, taken fabrics to print, deciding on colours, designs, sizes, etc...making the prototypes of the new cushions, bags and purses, hooks etc...Thanks Silvina, for helping with the making of the leather handles and the sewing of of the bags, four eyes and hands are always better than just two...

The last three days have been quite relaxing and fun. Saw lots of friends, and got to visit new gorgeous places, like the Petersham nurseries in Richmond. What a nice place, full of plants, flowers and anything to do with gardening. It has a huge cafe that spread across the whole nurseries, nice food, (quite expensive for my pocket), delicious cakes and teas. It was a sunny lovely day in London, and I was with my designers friends, we meet now and again to talk business, support and learn from each other. I consider myself very lucky for having them, a supportive network of friends, all trying to achieve the same goals and heading to the same or similar direction.
Have you been in this place? Great  for a relaxing day out with your friends.
Photos by me

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