Tuesday 2 April 2013

I hope you all had a good Easter break and are accommodating back to work, difficult task I know... I have eaten the chocolate intake reserved for a year. Slept like a bear in his cosy warm cave, watched so much TV that my face looks square, moved very little and worked even less. Since I stayed in London and weather was still so cold I decided that I could treat myself with a few days of pure indulging. It is being hard not to jump on a plane (tickets can cost as much as £800 to fly to Gran Canaria in pick season) to join my family and boyfriend for a few days of sunny paradise, or jump on the train to explore GB. 
Next year I promise to myself to organise my time better, save money and go away, even if it is just for a few days away. Sun is wanted to come out, and all I can think is, tropical weather, vegetation, warm places and colours. What about you? same feeling?

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  1. hello - sounds good though! I spent all weekend looking for my passport so I could at least plan to go away as it's so darn cold I'm fed up. Then I got in to the swing of clearing and dusting away lots of old papers and I am still doing it!!! And praying for warmth sometime very soon.

    We have keys to our new art premises now so there's lots to do on that front but it's sooooo exciting (just put a post up about it all). Can't wait for you to come down :)

    Hugs and see you soon, A.xx