Monday 8 April 2013

Please, I want to live here, high ceilings, plenty of space and light, natural plants, polished cement floors, industrial big windows and a neutral background for my so many vintage finds, products and studio.

Believe it or not this is a hair salon called Mogeen, that doubles up as a salon and school, based in an old fireplaces warehouse in the center of Amsterdam. I really like how they managed to create such a cosy environment despite its big dimensions and its industrial heritage. The designers have done a great job, using wood, vintage furniture and lamps, copper, big mirrors and plenty of photos and images all scattered around the different rooms. What an inviting, warm and contemporary space. I keep seeing a lot of commercial premises that tend to look more like houses, than what they actually are, bars, cinemas, galleries, shops, pubs, etc...there is a real mix this days.
I am happy to keep seeing more places that makes you feel welcome, and at easy, as if you were having a coffee with your friends at home. What is you favorite spot? please leave a comment so we can share and discover new places.