Tuesday 26 March 2013

I am not much of a social butterfly this days, as I am hidden in my studio working on some new ideas, products, designs and collections. The weather continuos being cold and miserable, which has helped me to stay at home and focus on what I am doing even more. 
I am trying not to rush the design process, and enjoy it as much as I used to when I was at college and didn't have the pressures that comes with running your own business and being and independent designer. As mentioned before, I don't work along seasons, but focus on creating collections and designs that somehow match the previous ones, on materials, colours and styles, well at least in my mind...
What is going on in my sometimes blurry brain...I have been obsessing over the rustic house shapes that adorn our landscapes back in Gran Canaria (want to get one) the hydraulic tile geometric shapes of the modernist architecture, specially in Barcelona, (will get them for my flat in Las Palmas) and continuous to drip over the old granny paintings of landscapes and patterns of the English roses, (keep collecting them). I never know what I am going to come up with, I just take photos (bad ones), draw on paper, and later on jump on the computer to put the ideas and colours together. So far I am happy with some ideas. The wooden products are still to be finished. Gassy and I worked on a small office range and some new hooks back in January, but he is so busy that haven't been able to progress on the prototypes, (he is the maker/supplier as well as the boyfriend so needs to be treated well and with lost of patience...). The hooks and knobs are now available in neon/fluro colours, will take some new photos soon. 

Just wanted to share a bit of the process, some feedback would be GREAT, as I am a bit stuck. Please excuse my luck of posting as I need to get off the Internet and stay focus on this work. Some of this designs may not see the light, they may become something totally different or stay the same, only time and many many more hours of work will decide what I take into production.

 Stay warm if you are in Europe, or enjoy the sunshine if you are somewhere warm and sunny. Catch up with you guys on my facebook or around here when time allows it.


  1. I really like the last collection you've done the vintage country inspired cushions....wouldn't be nice to combine that element with some block colours, like in the first post...peach, blue...they would be nice for mugs as well? or bags? just thoughts:) I so understand being away from internet these days....have a great Easter! x

  2. Yes that is exactly what it is in my mind, but having too mnay options I have to narrow down the ideas. Thanks for the feedback.