Friday 25 January 2013

At last, the wooden tea light holders are in stock. I have been wanted to have this product ready in the shop for ages, but we have been busy with the hooks, knobs, and wholesale orders, poor busy Gassy couldn't make them any earlier. They are available in 4 colours, grey, black, yellow and blue. They come in a set of 3 units in a nice recycled brown tube, and as the hooks and knobs are made by hand using sustainable wood and finished with eco products such as paint and water based varnish.

We are working on some new wooden products – putting together a small office range – and new textile patterns. I have been very naive to think that in the 5 weeks I have spent in Gran canaria, I would have time to rest, be with my mother and Gassy and work as hard as I do in London. Well the true is that time hasn't allow for as much as I wanted to achieve so I will continue working on this from London with our Skype conferences...


  1. Such beautiful tea light holders - love the varying wood grain. :)

  2. Hola, Margarita, tu blog ha sido un gran descubrimiento a través de De andar por Casas.
    Empezando por el nombre (soy una chocolatera compulsiva) y, sobre todo, por tus maravillosas creaciones.
    ¡Saludos desde Madrid!