Sunday 2 December 2012

Hello hello, December is here and I haven't done any decorations around the house yet, in fact my house looks and feels more like a building site that my dear cosy home. I am having the bathroom renovated right now. OMG I never thought that this process will bring me so much stress, but hey I guess you have to suffer before you enjoy...I have been wanted to change the bathroom from day 1 (nothing wrong with it, apart of having a cracked basin with a gold tab for cold and another for hot water, and English concept I don't particularly understand or like, ugly tiles, laminated floor, and ugly all over. I was very naive to think that I will do it in a couple of years, same with the kitchen, but the reality is that when you run your own business and you are at the starting stage of it, all the money that comes in, goes back into the company. I still work as a freelancer graphic designer for a company, that is how I can sustain my life between London and Gran Canaria, feed myself, a greedy cat, and keep growing the business.

This Summer I decided I had enough and that I was going to have a new bathroom that I really like, practical, modern, and a place to relax and enjoy, I know I have a problem, I admit it here, I can't live in a place I don't find comfortable and beautiful to my eyes, nothing to do with money but more with my style, I am equally happy with a cheap thing than I am with a £1,000 one. So after making the scary decision of spending all this money, (that suposse to be invested back in the business) I went ahead to tackle this new exciting project at times, and stressful and tiring at others...and here we are November and still going...finally after 5 work quotes, countless visits to bathroom stores, many many hours spent on Pinterest, (I have managed to gather a nice compilation of bathroom ideas), magazines, books, changes of ideas, tiles, pieces, etc...the bathroom work has finally started last Monday and is due to finish mid this week.


My bathroom is small, and without a window, I had a small budget and limited space, so I have kept the design simple and monochrome. Initially I was going to use white metro tiles, but have decided to go for big matt white tiles for the walls and grey slate for the floor and front of the room. I will add some vintage pieces, my wooden hooks, old pictures, to give it mixed look, images below from my pinterest bathroom ideas folder.

I am so happy about the new bathroom, although right now I am not enjoying the process much, no toilet for a few days, not shower for 2 weeks, dust everywhere, mess all over, but I know that soon I will have my first hot bath in the new bathroom, and that will be my reward to this madness and hard work. If you are having renovations in your house I wish you luck, and by the way would love to see the photos, I will post the new bathroom ones as soon as it is finished!
Tiles ToppsTiles, bathroom Pieces Bathstore, work by Adema.


  1. Me encanta lo que has elegido. El lavabo puramente blanco junto con la pizarra te va a quedar genial. Paciencia con la obra, llegará una bonita recompensa.

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  3. Tener una obra en casa es lo más estresante, junto a una mudanza, del mundo... pero es necesario....

    Yo también necesito rehacer un cuarto de baño, que ahora mismo no se usa porque es feo... sí, gracias a Dios tenemos otro que no es que sea bonito, es más bien neutro....

    Me gustan mucho tus inspiraciones para cuarto de baño, coincidemos en dos cosas que yo pienso hacer también: suelo pizarra o similar, y azulejo blanco (sin ninguna cenefa por favor). También me gusta mucho el uso de la madera para accesorios.

    Yo tardaré todavía en meterle mano a ese cuarto de baño, primero quiero tapar el suelo de la planta baja de la casa, que es de un mármol frío y horroroso, y que quiero hacer desaparecer con madera.

    Muchos planes, lo sé.....

  4. I cannot wait to see this finished. I know you'll make your bathroom look fabulous...I'll be so jealous! :)
    I hope you have a lovely time in Spain over Christmas and the New Year.
    We must try and meet when you come back.
    It will be great to see your new range too!
    L xx