Thursday 8 November 2012

It is always very nice to see my products being featured in the press, and specially in some of my favorite magazines and blogs. It is part of my job to contact the press and keep them updated of what we do at chocolate creative, but I must admit that is not the task I love doing the most, as sometimes I can spend hours and days sending emails that seems to be hitting a wall and not going anywhere. The bellow photos are a clear example of press coverage that I was not directly involved in getting.

Some magazines approach me, like the German title COUCH, which I totally love, it is a small format publication full of ideas for home and fashion and the gorgeous Living at home magazine. Sometimes stylists or journalists get in touch such as Joanna Thornhill, who was looking for one of the wooden knobs to finish her cupboard project for a feature on Womansweekly magazine.

The Livingetc (October) piece almost gave a heart attack, I have just received the Elle deco and Living on the post on a Saturday morning and as I was going through the pages I was thinking – another issue without my products in it – that after spending half a week contacting them, imaging my surprise as 5 minutes later I happen to spot the wooden knobs in one of the pages, I cried, I cried of frustration for seeing that the products are worth of the best magazines and still I don't get much respond when approaching them. I guess they will listen much more to a PR company that writes eye catching press releases than to a Spanish speaker who is doing her best to promote her UK based brand with no budget yet for PR. So thank you from a happy designer who appreciates the importance of press helping in spreading the word about my work and the brand. What is your experience with the press? tips welcome!!

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