Thursday 11 October 2012

Happy to be going home tomorrow, still a lot to do and organise. I will be working from our studio in Gran Canaria - well, it is really Gassy's house and studio, but I have made a corner for myself. I hope to have time to draw and rest as well as being with mum and friends, it is very hot, so I will have to adjust from cold and rainy to very hot within a few hours, not complaining...
Yesterday, Piero and I were taken photos of some new products and Missi was in the way. I don't know what is going with this cat, but he is always around whenever anything unusual is happening. The bathroom fitter came on Monday, and he decided to stay in the bathroom while we were planning the work (having new bathroom done in November). Yesterday while taken the photos we almost had a couple of accidents due to Missi being on the bed, on top of the chairs, the cover, the products, etc...playing with the flash cable, wrapping papers, you name it.  He is so needy and always demand my attention, a bit too much really, but what can I say, I don't have children so I treat him like my baby, (I know this is very wrong), but can't help it. Do you have pets? What do you do when going away? it breaks my heart, but friend Leah, loves him and would stay at home to look after him, I am sure he won't miss me... 


  1. Pues claro que te echará de menos, pero que piensas que es?? son familia, ni más ni menos.... eso no quiere decir que no vaya a estar bien, pero echarte de menos te echará....

    Es precioso, todo un señor, y de verdad que no encuentro mejor forma de promocionar tus pomos.... con el quedan realzados.....

  2. It's totally not wrong to pamper and indulge your pets. They won't be around forever, you it's a good feeling to take care of them while they are here.

    Missi will be fine while you're gone. I think animals' conception of time is so different, he will think you just went to the store for a long time....super cut pic, by the way.

  3. Hola Margarita!

    En Aguamarina nos encanta tu Blog, fuente de inspiración.
    Este año, nos ha tocado conceder premios dardo y uno es para ti.


    Un abrazo fuerte!