Monday 10 September 2012

Hello happy Monday to all, it is being a very sunny and glorious weekend in London, September is my favorite month of the year and the best weather in this city.  I am glad my life is back to normality, I have had a very stressful week, haven't slept in 5 days and have lost a few kilos, (that I like haha). I have been trying to make a risky decision to grow the business, done numbers, worry about risks, money, debts, etc...I have learnt so much in just one week, about business, myself, and how much support I have from my friends and mother. It is a difficult time to expand and spend money on risky projects, but I am an entrepreneur and as such have a vision. You learn to live with uncertainty and not knowing how much money you would make each month, still if you offer me a full time job I would say NO and continue to do what I do. Enough of my business life...

Now and again I manage to get out London and get to explore different areas of England. Hastings is easy to reach from London and has plenty of things to see and do. Love the old town, filled with interesting shops and buildings, can't say the same about the new area, not worth to venture in and same as any other hight streets across the country. Here are some snaps of my latest trip to this beach town, I had a great day out, it was sunny and warm, had fish and chips, ice cream, sweets, and managed to get some new pieces from the so many antiques shops in the area. Do you go to Hastings?


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  1. As a Medieval English history buff, it's on my bucket list. What are those curious tall, skinny buildings?