Don't need but want them...

Thursday 26 April 2012

I have more chairs than I actually need, but keep finding new ones that would love to bring home, my boyfriend said than in order to buy new ones I should sell some of the old ones, but I can't, I am too attach to them, plus I use them for the photoshoots. A few days ago, I spotted this green beauties in Ebay, and really fall for them, they are 60's and totally retro, umm...should I get them? they are a bit expensive, around £260, but I know they will look gorgeous in the living room, If I get them, I would need a bigger and new table, so it is the never ending story of me, buying things for the house. 

Las night browsing the glorious april and may blog I came across this photo, and surprise surprise these chairs look very much like the ones I saw in Ebay, don't you think? either they are a new design based on the 60's chairs or they have been renovated? Either ways I think they are super smart and I want them.  Well enough of me talking shopping, off I am to the Sania Pell new book launch at Liberty, and for some market research on a few new products we are working on. Nice day!!


  1. Erm, you have to get them, they're gorgeous!

  2. they look In our smaller apt we can only accommodate 2-3 dining chairs unfortunately...

  3. The designs are unique and it is simple but nice.

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