British illustration by Alice Potter

Friday 20 April 2012

I have been meaning to draw my cat Missi for quite sometimes, but I must admit I am not very good at it, I have lost practice over the years, and I wouldn't  know where to start as I don't have a very defined style, that is why I am taken sometime to think and draw the next collection, it might take longer than I would like but I want to enjoy the process, and mature the ideas, you see, launching a collection is expensive and time consuming, and it is there to stay for a very long time, so I will make sure I am happy with it before I release it. In the meantime I will keep enjoying and promoting other people's work that catch my eye. I like Alice's work, specially the animal's illustration, the fish print is my favorite, much better in real life, I met her lat week at the Homespun event and we got chatting away about Etsy, work, etc...

Have a nice weekend, and make the most of the good weather, if there is any, wherever you are.

 Cotton tea towel, note books and many more products and illustrations available at her etsy shop.

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