Part 2: Home Show snaps

Monday 13 February 2012

Back from a very nice weekend, of meeting friends, searching antiques shops, curling up at home, eating glorious food and being extremely cold, this past Saturday felt the coldest so far, by the end of he day I could not feel my fingers and toes. 

Here are some photos of the past show I have exhibited, Home, it is always very exciting when I get to the venue and see the empty space, of course I always plan in advance how my stand would look, but I tend to improvise once I get there. I find cushions a difficult product to display, and not having a big budget for the stand means I have to think and use things I already have, in this case the drawers of my victorian chest and old pine table. Here are some photos of the before and after, thank god I had Tina to help me to set up, she was brilliant. 

The venue at Earls Court, the show and the preparations before opening the doors, I find incredible how people transform an empty space in just a few days in an amazing show, you get there, to a cold messy huge space and when back the next day to start the show, find a well curated, warm and welcoming environment. Well, they are very good professionals after all...

My pick/selection of designer's stands, in each show I have the chance to meet new people and share the space and experience with designers I have been admiring for sometime, but have not met personally, here is a selection of British designers, who I really like their work and find inspiring for their hard work, dedication and progression of their small creative business. 
Abigail Borg, beautiful illustrated wallpapers and textiles

Chase and wonder nostalgic products, love the prints

Natural History new collection of textiles and interior accessories

SCP well made and designed new products, their shops are one of the best in London

Spotted selection of designers and products

Heart Zeena lovely products and stand

Kiss her interior products by Bianca Hall