HOLA 2012!

Monday 2 January 2012

Hola hola, welcome to a new year, 2012! I hope you had a wonderful end of 2011, with plenty of fun and friends to welcome the new year. I feel full of energy and very positive about 2012. It is going to be an interesting period, full of new adventures and challenges, good and bad, and I am sure it will be good to all of us in many different ways, so lets embrace it from day 1.
I am still in Gran Canaria, Spain, back to work, but taking it easy, organising and preparing for flying back to London on Wed. I hope to go to the beach tomorrow, to get a bit of sun before leaving. It is been very sunny and lovely, but quite chilly in the evenings. Houses are not prepare for Winters and humidity so I have been sleeping with more layers than back in London and shivering in bed haha...quite a contradiction as my house in London is very warm and cosy. I will post some photos of the beach and surrounding tomorrow, so you can have a better idea of how beautiful these islands are.

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  1. Lucky us in the Canary Is!!!
    Although it is freezing for me!!! Enjoy your days at the beach.


  2. Cierto, la humedad en Canarias es terrible, se te mete en los huesos y es un horror.... pena que no estén las casas ni minimamente preparadas para el mini invierno insular..... Llénate de sol todo lo que puedas y más.... ya sabes, vitamina D....