What a nice weekend...

Thursday 15 December 2011

It is getting very cold in London, last night on my way back from the Etsy's craft party, I could feel the cold in my bones, got home and the boiler wasn't working. They are trying to fix it as I write, (I hope they manage to get it working otherwise I will have a heart attack).

Last weekend, we created a pop-up shop at my house/studio. Six of us gathered at home and transformed it into a xmas shop. We had plenty of yummy cakes, warm mulled wine, teas etc...and most important friends and people who came to buy our products. Of course, Missi was the center of the attention not that you can tell by this photo, I think, this was one was taken on Sunday late afternoon, he must had enough of people stroking him and trying to take him home with them...

This is my studio, a bit of a mess, but that is how I like it. With my products on displayed. 

Kate's work on the white sofa, Marian's scarfs and tea towels, Tina's soft toys, Sian's new wallpaper soon available for sell, plus her popular bears and Eleanor's homewares, she uses recycled local wood to make this beautiful items.

Thanks to all for join us, to Hillary for making a delicious gluten free cake that I could eat, to the general public who bought our products and friends who shared with us this weekend. Next event would be in Spring, I will keep you post it!


  1. Qué bonito todo Marga, las cositas en venta, el ambiente, tu gatito (que no sé todavía si es gato o gata).... los amigos.... Felicidades....

  2. I'd stroke him and try to take him home with me too! Adorable!
    Looks like fun, love your studio!

  3. Precioso! que acogedor y que bonito todo. Besos XXX
    Nota: un estudio ordenado? pero eso existe? ;-)