The gorgeous English countryside and a fairy tale wedding...

Friday 21 October 2011

I am back, after some problems with my Internet connection, a nasty cold that put in bed for a week, and a great weekend away. I did not realised how tired and clutter my mind was, until I got away from London, and work last Friday, to attend my dear friends Caelia and Ben's wedding. Sometimes I keep going, and do not really listen to my body, I keep pushing because I love what I do, and feels like I am not really working, but the reality is very different, I bet a lot of you feel the same way. So I need to learn how to say NO to work and take a break not feeling guilty, difficult task when work is at home...I took a mini break, and spent the weekend in Belper, a small town in Derbyshire, with a amazing industrial heritage and plenty of history, cute old worker houses, cotton, mills, antiques shops, narrow streets, the best fish and chip shop in the whole England, and of course a fairy tale wedding. I was welcome with this B&B, and a big warm room, in a sunny and gorgeous day, took the day to explore the town, visited some antiques shops, the river gardens, the Mill, made friends with some old ladies and the fish and chips place, and most important relaxed and had a nice time with my friends.

The wedding took place on Saturday, in a small and gorgeous church next to this amazing manor, in Nottingham. The house was stunning, decorated in a very simple way, the dinning room was painted in pink, I know, but it was gorgeous, filled with old painting, It was sunny day, but needles to say that it got very cold in the evening so I found a spot next to the fire place to cuddle up in the sofa.
All the best to my dear friends Caelia and Ben as husband and wife!


  1. Me encantan los rincones rurales ingleses, adoro esas señoras mayores que hablan un inglés tan exquisito, tan cariñoso, tan para achucharlas.... y el fish an ships con su chorreor de vinagre de malta.... ummmmmm

    Y sí, aprende a disfrutar de estos momentos tanto como lo haces del trabajo y todo será perfecto... creo...


  2. Un lugar encantador para desconectar

  3. so beautiful!!!