£40 OFFER on the deer cameo cushions

Wednesday 8 June 2011

The deer cameo cushions have been out of stock for quite sometimes, I know that some of you have been waiting ages for them, so apologises for the delay, I was waiting for the fabric to arrive, and it is finally here!! It is a mix of hemp and organic cotton in a creamy color, soft and nice to work with. I have been trying different colors and fabric combination, and have made these 3 cushions to test colors and fabrics. They are 37cm each and have the back in cream plain color, since they are unique and only have 1 unit of each, I will be selling them for £40 each.
I hope to get on with the new sizes and color soon, specially since I have heard that habitat is going big on the Victorian cameos look, I better hurry up before they launch their own collection!!! Will keep you posted on the new cushions!!


  1. Hola! love the cushions! ... que tal salió todo?? ... espero que bien!
    Te llamo el finde! xx

  2. love that!!! so nice!!!!
    have a great weekend