Nesting book

Thursday 27 January 2011

While browsing the lovely design-shimmer blog, I came across this image below which really catch my eye. I have always struggle making my TV look any good or in any stylish way possible, (I don't like TV in the houses, or make them the focal attention of a room), so I thought what an original and funny way of making the TV looking good? So I may try something similar...Anyway these images are from Nesting, a book consisting of 26 interesting homes. The Swedish version of The Selby! randomly chosen by the authors; Cilla Ramnek and Pia Ulin. I wonder if it available in the UK, because I haven't seen it around at all, any of you know of this book?? I would love to get it!


  1. That is fantastic! :) I've never seen anything quite like that before - making the TV really part of the decor. I like the sheets on the bed in the third picture, that's so inviting!

  2. Nesting sounds like a book I need to read (or at least look at those pretty pictures).

  3. I completely agree with you about TVs - it's hard to make them blend into a room and be design-friendly - and also hard to not make them the focal point of a space! I love the few images you've shared from the Nesting book.. Wish I could get my hands on a copy!