East London Design Show is over...

Monday 6 December 2010

I am slowly getting back to my routine and life after being back at home/studio from the East London Design Show. I started to set up last Wednesday in a cold and snowy weather that I thought was going to stop the whole thing happening, took me nearly 2 days to set the stand, much more than it took me to take it down yesterday, 1 hour!! I have learned a lesson in the hard way, ask for help!!! never commit to another show without help to set up and take down the stand.

Overall the show has been a very positive experience, loved the people I met, specially the exhibitors that were in the same space as me, great people, we helped and supported each other and kept company when things were slow. The buzz in the building, the organisers, the customers, friends, porters etc...I would like to thanks everybody from here!!

Here are some photos of my stand, I didn't have any budget for it so had to be creative with the space, went home and took all the drawers from my furniture, (quite a messy house), I was very pleased with the final stand, and the products, the deer mug sold out, the deer print, and the deer cameos and paper doll cushions became the best sellers!!

Looking forward to next weekend, Xmas pop-up shop at home/studio!!


  1. Looks lovely, well done you! Well deserved success. xx

  2. Beautiful your blog ... I loved these pads ...
    I'm from Brazil, I love arts

  3. Felicidades, Marga, todo es precioso!!!
    Kisses from Barcelona

  4. No me puedo creer!!!! Qué preciosidad de stand!!!!!!! me requetechifla!!!!!

  5. your stand looks great ... hope all your xmas events went well.