Beautiful shelves and work space inspiration

Thursday 11 November 2010

I have been looking for this kind of shelves for quite sometime, to put all my gorgeous vintage paper finds, prints, drawing etc...I know I have seen them in Ikea, but could not get them last time due to my prompt need of leaving the Ikea's building the sooner the better, (some of my friends don't get this feeling as they love going). I so much dislike being there, thousands of people, huge space filled with hundred of stuff, long endless corridors, even bigger warehouse too much for me!! But after seeing this gorgeous use of this simple shelves that Desiree from Vosges Paris blog has done, I may have to consider another trip to tedious ikea!!
I am in LOVE with her work space, industrial desk, W&B color scheme, and touch of vintage. Thanks Desiree for letting me show your place, her blog is well worth a visit for decorating ideas and inspiration. So, tell me, do you like or hate Ikea??


  1. I LOVE Ikea, but i hate being there when its full of people..;-) Lovely workroom!

  2. Your blog is going to get me in the decorating mode. Boyfriend will not be happy!

  3. I am glad I could inspire you ;)thanks for your nice words!

  4. PS I would love a link in your side bar ;)