New talents...

Thursday 24 June 2010

It is always so nice to meet new interesting artists/designers and get to know their work. Last week I attended one of the so many workshops celebrated at Craft Central, and had the opportunity to meet very talented people, we shared our experiences, talked about our work, and learned from the experienced team that was given the lecture. This is how I met textile and jewellery designer Elinor Voytal, I really like the use of textiles in jewellery, specially if they are used in an unusual and interesting way. what I liked about her work is the color rainbow effect and the knitting techniques she use to create this handmade pieces. 

Textile/surface designer Laura Felicity was among the group, she is based in London and work mainly with silk screen to create a bespoke range of wallpapers and other interior products. Her work evokes elegance and sophistication, keep an eye on her future projects!!



  1. wow!!! I don't often go wild over jewellry but I love these necklaces!

  2. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! these textiles are just gorgeous - wow, love the design!