Betty Pepper

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Aren't they beautiful?! Delicate, multi-layered stories. I've seen Betty Pepper's work at a few shows but stumbled upon it again recently.

"The ways in which time changes and decays objects interests me greatly and I like the notion that all things are ephemeral and constantly in a state of deterioration. My work often deals with stories from the dim and distant past. This is why I choose to work with faded colours. I like the way they look as if they have lived a little."


  1. I can't believe I have found Betty Pepper on your site. Just the other day I found the newspaper cutting about her from a couple of years ago and thought I must try and find her website. Her intricate work is so inspiring the necklace is just fantastic.

  2. wow! those beauties must take a lot of time to create!

  3. Glad to have been of service! It really is very beautiful work. I usually see her work at Origin but it didn't seem to be there this time. Kx