So similar...

Wednesday 15 July 2009

I was browsing ellemania blog, which I came across in teaforjoy blog, and I found this image. It is so similar to the wall arrangement I have in my living room!! So strange!! I guess we all look and get inspiration from similar things. I LOVE their style!!

Photo via ellemania

I leave you till this evening with this other photo, (unknown source), 
I hope you feel inspire by it, I do!!

Interior by Suzy Hoodless, photo via Yolksy


  1. I am truly inspired by both of these spaces! The last photo is an interior of Suzy Hoodless, one of my absolute favorite designers!!!

  2. Thanks for this, I didn't remember where I saw this picture, I will amend the credits for it, I LOVE your blog by the way!!